Magic Of The Internal State

Zorana Spasojevic

Come to yourself and everything will come


Have you ever found yourself in a state of sadness, stress, exhaustion, anger, fear, anxiety, aggression, indignation, helplessness, despair, disappointment, burnout..? Have you ever felt torn and hurt inside, in a spin of negative thoughts?

Of course you have, you’re human!

Remember how, from that limiting point, it was so easy to make a mistake, to lose control over your own words and actions, to hurt someone or get sick… right?

Perhaps, at some point in time, you too have realized that getting unwanted results starts with you. Maybe it turned out in that moment of self-honesty that you are actually the biggest obstacle to yourself? Not the tasks, deadlines, obligations and other people’s expectations…


“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves.”

– Jack Kornfield


Have you ever met a person who always seems to be in a vicious circle of lousy circumstances from which they cannot escape? Surely, this person experiences a bad internal state. Their inner processes are not serving them well.

And now, think of a person who naturally and easily achieves what they want and radiates joy, fulfillment, and inner strength. It is a person of a good inner state.


Good inner state brings magic on the outside.


The question arising from this intro is: What would it be like if you simply decided to connect with your inner Being, with your Essence, and to improve your life from a good state, graciously – step by step? How would it feel to be guided by truth, tranquility, pleasure, love, self-confidence and faith in good outcomes?

How about taking your life into your own hands and learning how to manage your circumstances, regardless of your age?




The matter of the internal state is important to all people, from kindergarten to the old age, and I’ll explain why.

Everybody, from birth to this day and at any moment, are in some kind of physical, emotional and mental condition. And every emotion, every thought brings with it the adequate state of mind and body.

One of the key NLP axioms is:

“The mind, body and emotions are inseparable parts of the same mechanism, impacting each other.”


We cannot think a thought, positive or negative, without having an accompanying emotional response, as well as a certain physiological, physical condition.

If we think of something that frightens us, we trigger the emotions of fear, discomfort, anxiety. The face expresses worry, the body takes on a different position, the heart starts to beat faster, we feel tension, the rise of blood pressure etc…


On the other hand, when we think of something we like, our emotions and our physical state also change, but for the better. A beautiful thought makes us look happy as we smile, feel joy, pleasure, optimism… We stand upright, and emit the energy of high vibration.

Remember how you radiate and how beautiful you feel in a state of excitement, curiosity, calmness, pleasure, motivation, enthusiasm, or when you are in love … How do you look? What is your body posture? What’s your energy level?

So, everything we think and feel affects our body and health.


We can think only one thought at a time


If you find it hard to believe – try it! Try thinking two thought at the same time… the only thing you can do is quickly switch from one idea to another.

Isn’t it phenomenal to know?? This means – we can choose our own thoughts!

You must have heard many times that “everything goes from the head”. It is therefore important and beneficial that we bring to our awareness a harmful thought when it arises.

Now, not every “discomforting thought” is harmful: a harmful thought is the one that does not serve us good and doesn’t lead us to a solution or clarity, but puts pressure and squeezes us from within.

So when it arises, we can simply replace it with the supportive one that will bring a better emotional and physical response. As the new, nurturing emotion emerges, the body’s posture and the physiological state will change, and some good ideas may come up.


Let’s use the power of our mind to feel better and become more creative!


What I propose to my clients as an extremely effective instant solution is to switch the useless thought with an image of someone they deeply love. For example, the thought of a smiling child, or a warm embrace with partner, sister, parent, friend… Such an idea arouses the emotion of gratitude, gentleness and the most subtle feelings of high vibration. This way we do a great service to our body, we nurture it with good energy and improve our mood. And we impact our environment in a good way.

It takes a little practice to bring awareness of our negative thoughts and to consciously switch them to more useful ones, and I promise it is worth it!




How we will continue to create our own circumstances – is a matter of choice. I deliberately say “we continue”, and not start, because we create them anyways – wanted or unwanted… but it is often easier to hold someone else responsible for our outcomes.


I create my own circumstances!


For me personally, on my journey to deep inner progress, the strongest impact had the realization that my internal state is solely my responsibility and that I can absolutely influence the way in which my life will continue.

The results in almost every life’s category depend on the internal state of mind and emotions!




The more conscious about ourselves we become, the sooner will we discover what brings us fulfillment, harmony, calmness, joy – and the faster we will thrive and contribute to every system we are a part of: family, circle of friends, organization in we work in… to the humankind and to our planet!

By improving our internal state we can increase the vibration of our own energy and we will notice how our circumstances magically change in the desired direction.


Therefore, our result will depend from our internal state, and will manifest itself through clear indicators:








So, if you do not feel the flair and joy of life in your heart, consider: should you wait for things to go downhill to change something?


To start, ask yourself: How do I want to feel today? What will be my intention for this day?

Connect with this feeling and step in the day keeping it inside. Act out of it.

Observe what is happening, how your body communicates, how others see you, what your results are.


Winners are being true to themselves


And if something unwanted occurs in the course of the day, pause for a moment and ask yourself: Which small step that can NOW make me feel better?

Maybe it will be a meditation* (you can download here my free balancing and soothing guided meditation “Immediate Balance”), a yoga stretch, conscious breathing… or a phone call, a quick walk outside, nice video, cup of tea or a favorite song… whatever is available to you in that moment. And when you figure out what would feel nice – do it right away and you’ll see how, at least for the nuance, your situation will be improved.


What you have at your disposal at all times is YOU.


You Need You


And finally, think: by communicating with yourself, with your being, by acknowledging and accepting your emotions, we become more authentic, we express ourselves freely and learn how to set boundaries.

As we change and transform in our lives, it is of the utmost importance for us and for people around us, to occasionally take a look inside and check if and how far have we moved away from our essence. If we have shifted, it is our task to draw insights and conclusions, learn from this experience… and return to ourselves.

By living our true selves, we contribute to every system we belong to and make this world better.


Taking good care of yourself, you are being generally responsible, attentive and generous.


Yours, Zorana


*This meditation has helped many of my clients and friends gather themselves into their center and experience relief. I recommend practicing it in the morning, or any time you feel out of balance, disturbed or upset. It will help you regain stability and
connection to your core Being, calm you down and have a positive impact on your physiology. Click here, sign up and enjoy!




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