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    Where do you come from? Where do you currently live?
    I was born and raised in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and that’s where I live.

    What’s your full name?
    My name is Zorana Spasojevic. In the Serbian language “Zora“ means Dawn, the rise of the day. “Spas“ means Salvation, a Rescue. The combination of these two words has powerful underlying symbolics and interestingly – I’ve realized it just recently!

    What is your job precisely?
    My main task is to help you become aware of your current state, to understand and clearly define your intentions, devise realistic strategies that will most quickly and efficiently bring you to the place you chose to be in, and get yourself going.

    What is your coaching methodology?
    Sessions are a mix of conversation, breathwork, written and/or process exercises.
    For optimal results you will also get assignments to keep you on a good course between our weekly sessions.

    What is a “coaching niche“?
    Coaching niche is a work field that deals with specific themes.
    My main coaching niche is “Inner Game Life Coaching”.
    I help you take control over your life and help you learn how to manage your internal processes in order to achieve more beneficial results in all life’s categories (family relationships, emotional life, work and career, friendships and communication, abundance, intellectual and spiritual development, health, hobbies, leisure time, social contribution…)
    When you reach the stable connection with your core Being, you are empowered to let go of the negative emotions and harmful patterns of thought and behavior.
    In this process, as you re-discover your true Self, you gain inner stability, calmness, self-confidence, flexibility, clarity, direction and focus, and you are ready to define your passion.
    So, the work on the outside actually begins in the inside. That’s why it’s called the “inner game”.

    How would you define “personal development”?
    I see personal development as a life-long journey of self re-discovery. It’s a way for you to overcome your inner boundaries, achieve stability and self-fulfillment, discover and embrace your skills, qualities and your passion points, maximize your potential, and set clear intentions in order to live aligned with your life’s purpose.

    What is your working methodology?
    The main “tool kit” I use in order to help you achieve efficient, effective, deeply integrated and long-lasting results is NLP.
    NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the world’s leading personal development methodology.
    NLP is the model for inner and outer communication that brings us the possibility to discover and develop our capacities.
    NLP helps us not only to become aware of our subconscious sabotaging mechanisms and patterns of thinking and behavior, but also to adjust or change them in the most constructive manner.

    How are the coaching sessions conducted?
    Before you choose your coaching package, we will have a 30-minute complimentary session to be able to assess if we are “a good fit“.
    If we are, you will choose your format:
    · Individual sessions – online or offline (intensive retreats).
    · Group workshops / trainings – online. The maximum number of participants is 10.
    We meet on Zoom video calls.

    How do I prepare for an online coaching session?
    Before the session you will make sure that you have:
    · excellent internet connection
    · peace and quiet without any distractions from the beginning to the end
    · earbuds
    · given assignment completed and ready
    · worksheets printed
    · notebook and pen
    · drink
    · paper tissues (sometimes we cry and that is perfectly ok)

    Are your programs just for women?
    No. While the majority of my clients are women, I work with men, too. The content is not gender specific and everyone is welcome.

    What types of payment do you accept?
    I accept PayPal. The system is not currently set up to receive credit cards, checks or invoices.

    Is there a way I can get a discount?
    If you pay in full, 48 hours upon our complimentary session, I will reduce the price for a chosen package by 7%.