My life-changing journey

Hello! Welcome to YOU NEED YOU™ - my progressive personal development methodology.

I'm Zorana Spasojevic, Enterpreneur, NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach.

I live in Belgrade, Serbia, with my husband and our two sons.

My passion is to support and empower people on their life-changing journey that will reward them inner stability, clarity, confidence, focus, joy and great relationships!

Coaching seen through my eyes

A lot of people perceive life coaching as something discomforting, strange and unfamiliar, even manipulative.

For me, it is a symbol of a warm, safe nest most of us remember from our childhood.
That unique connection with a special person who gave us attention, support, compassion and unconditional love…

My childhood hero was my Grandpa Janko.

He held space for me and truly believed that I could achieve anything I set my focus on. He was my first life coach.
It’s that empowering feeling of being accepted, acknowledged, supported.
It guides you, drives you forward and unlocks your potential!

I’ve been through some rough times.
At age of 40, my life became a complete mess. Every day was a struggle. Two years of misery – a constant spin of whining, blaming, shaming and complaining. I prayed for a force that would pull me out of that dark hole.

And then it hit me! It was ME who needed to change, not my circumstances. But I didn’t know how. What I craved was that safe space I would run to as when I was a kid.

So I asked for help. I committed and did the work. 5 months later I got back on track, and all of a sudden – a whole new ocean of possibilities opened up for me!

Today, I’m happier than ever, present, true, joyous and fulfilled.

So here I am, sharing my story and offering you that safe place, happy in my heart, for soon you’ll get better!

My work bio

  • I graduated in photography and graphic design at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, University of Belgrade.
  • I worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director at the advertising agency McCann Erickson, Belgrade.
  • I was the founder, owner and CEO of a company which operated for 12 years as the retail and wholesale of the famous German lingerie and beachwear brand, Triumph International, and other well-known brands: Wonderbra, DIM, Playtex, Maryan Mehlhorn, Primadonna,Watercult, Lidea and Charmline…
  • The most significant idea my husband and I have realized together was Minicity – creative children’s city. It entertained and educated children from all over Serbia, in the 2000 m2 venue in down-town Belgrade. As the creator of the concept and brand, I became Creative & Programme Director and managed the Animator’s team of 40 young people.
  • Now I coach people who feel stuck in a hard place, and help them move on renewed, re-energized and inspired to live the life they deserve.

How I became a life coach

I firmly believe that becoming a good coach means, on top of education, training and practice, to undergo an intense process of personal growth and change.

Minicity started falling apart, and the life of my family became a complete mess. When it finally bankrupted, it left us with a huge emotional, professional and financial pain. My health was damaged, our marriage almost lost. The kids were scared and confused. I lost self-confidence and my personal power. I didn’t know who I was. Desperately stuck in a fog.

Then, one day, a beautiful person I know looked at me gently, with my Grandpa’s eyes, and said: Child, the thing you have lost is your Faith!
I snapped back! All of a sudden, I felt a huge desire to stand up tall, regain my power and shake off all the negativity.
My intuition led me to NLP and that’s how my transformation started. After a few months of training and practice, my circumstances changed. I re-connected to my Self, grew stable and calm, gained new perspective. I became grateful. Not only for the beauty in my life, but also for the hardship and heartbreak that made me grow as a person.
I went further and discovered my purpose, direction and focus: It came as a calling to coach people who feel stuck and unfulfilled as I was.

Today, my relationship with my husband is the best ever, and our children admire us as role models. We are a great example of how serious struggle can be resolved. They know what is important to do when life gets tough – dive into yourself first. My health is great, energy level high. I’m running a lifestyle business and live an abundant life. I walk my path, little by little every day, and I’m happy for all I discover along the way.

My choice is permanent education and growth. I put best teachings into practice and I’ve developed my signature programs: YOU NEED YOU and PASSION & PURPOSE.

And now my focus is completely on you!

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