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Hello! I'm Zorana Ulic Spasojevic - optimist in love with Life.

I am a transformational life coach, NLP trainer, speaker and personal growth mentor.

I am dedicated to helping you balance your Heart and Mind, and become confident, calm, motivated, joyous and fulfilled!

How I see coaching

Life Coaching for me is a symbol of a warm, safe nest.

When we were kids, the most of us have experienced a unique connection with a special person who gave us attention, compassion, support and unconditional love, right?

Remember that empowering feeling of being accepted, acknowledged, important? It guides you forward and unlocks your potential!

My childhood hero was my Grandpa Janko. He held space for me and truly believed that I could achieve anything I set my focus on.

He was my first Life Coach…


I’ve been through some rough times.
At age of 40, my life became a complete mess. Every day was a struggle. Two years of misery – a constant whirlwind of anguish, blaming, shaming and complaining. I prayed for a force that would pull me out of that dark hole.

And then it hit me! I hold the responsibility for everything I’m involved in! It was ME who needed to change, for my circumstances to change.

I didn’t know how. What I craved was that safe space I would run to as when I was a child. So I asked for help.

I committed and did the work. One step at a time.

A few months later I aligned my Heart and Mind, and a whole new ocean of possibilities opened up for me!

So here I am, present, true, joyous and fulfilled. I offer you that safe place, happy and confident you’ll get better, too!

My work bio

  • As the graduate graphic designer, I worked as Art Director at McCann Erickson advertising agency.
  • At the age of 26, I started my first business. For the next 13 years we run a retail chain of famous lingerie brands: Triumph, Wonderbra, DIM, Playtex, Maryan Mehlhorn, Primadonna… We were known for our exquisite approach to clients.
  • In 2013, my husband and I opened Minicity – creative children’s city. Kids from the whole region learned through play and interaction. As the creator of the concept and brand, I poured my heart and soul into it. In 2014, Minicity franchise venue was opened in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and we’re happy it still operates very successfully.
  • Now I coach people who feel stuck, unhappy, overwhelmed, drained… I help them gain clarity, overcome the pain, light their unique spark and live happier lives.

How I became a life coach

When Minicity had to close, the life of my family became a mess. We suffered a huge emotional pain and financial loss. My health was damaged, our marriage almost fell apart, kids scared and confused. I lost self-confidence and my personal power. I didn’t know who I was.

Then, one day, a Friend looked at me gently, and said: “Darling, you have lost your Faith. That’s why you suffer.”
Suddenly, I felt a huge desire to stand up tall, regain my power and shake off all the negativity.

My transformation started with NLP. After a few months of training and practice, everything improved. I gained new perspective, grew calm and stable like never before. I became grateful, not only for all the beauty in my life, but also for the hardship that made me grow.
I discovered my calling: to support people who feel stuck, like I was.

Our kids had a great example of how one can rise above a difficult situation. I walk my path, little by little every day, and I’m happy for all I discover along the way.

In the last 4 years I have served over 500 individual clients worldwide.

As NLP Trainer, I also practice Integra Protocol, Deep PEAT, Points Of You, Social Panorama, The Work.

My teachers and mentors are Lukas Derks, Zhivorad Slavinsky, Vladimir Stojakovic, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr Michael Hall, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, Marisa Peer, Danielle Laporte, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch and many others…

I put best teachings into function and I’ve developed my coaching packages and signature programs.

And now my focus is on you!

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