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Hi, my name is Zorana. I empower and support people to become calm, self-confident, light and stable inside.
Good inner state brings magic on the outside.

Let's talk and see how we can get the best out of your life!

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Does it feel like you're constantly
out of balance?


There's always too much on your plate. Everything is urgent, everyone is important,
you struggle, juggle and tick off never-ending tasks all day long.

It seems like there's never enough time or space for you, for your needs...
a nice book or just some time in peace and quiet.

It often feels like you're trapped by circumstances: powerless, confused, and drained.

Is the burden on your shoulders becoming too heavy?

Now is the best time to say no
to the mediocre life!

The world is undiscovered and inviting,
and you want to achieve something great!

...But how?


So now you're standing at a crossroads, blocked and stuck, in a haze... not sure what you
want exactly, which direction to take, what to do and how to start.

It feels like this is the transitional point in your life. You are aware that from now on, you
will need to take action and create better circumstances for yourself and for the people
you love.

You are ready to take your life to the next level.

You are willing to commit and take action.

And you need help, encouragement and support.

If you are aware that there is a lot more to life than what you are experiencing right now,
and you are ready to make the necessary inner adjustments,
you will have to roll up your sleeves and do the work!

The first step is to book your complimentary session with me.
Together, we will uncover the hidden obstacles that sabotage your life and we will develop
a tailor-made plan to resolve them one by one.
So let's get started!

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My passion is to help you achieve
your highest potential in life

What is unique about me?

I have experienced several major transitions in life - heartbreaks, pain, disappointment - in a way that was transformative.

I developed the ability to dive deep into myself. To take responsibility for my circumstances and learn from my mistakes, To forgive other people for their mistakes.

I offer you a safe place where you can take a deep look inside, search for the meaning of your pain and lift yourself beyond that pain.

My “why”

I want to help women who feel like I once did.
It's been a long journey of uncertainty and struggle for me. When I finally found the way out of my own labyrinth, I felt capable and passionate about helping people who go through the same kind of confusion.

This experience of coaching my clients brings me the sense of learning, purpose, contribution, connection with myself, with the Client, with the World. It's my heart's great desire.

I'm here to help you create
your most meaningful circumstances,
beyond your current imagination.


My mission is to help and support you:

  • To connect with your true Self
  • To clear and get past your inner and outer struggles
  • To become calm, stable and self-confident
  • To gain new perspective, direction and focus
  • To take concrete action at your own aligned pace
  • To improve your life in all aspects: emotional life, relationships with friends and family, communication, career, finances, health, habits, intellectual and spiritual growth, free time, lifestyle...
  • To discover your passion points, key drivers and mission
  • To love and enjoy your life so that is fulfilling, unique and aligned with your core Being

Intentional action
is the main key to all success!

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