Entrepreneurship: first things first

Zorana Spasojevic



So, you’re considering starting your own business! 😉

Or, maybe you are already an entrepreneur (fampreneur, holipreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, dadpreneur or whichever “preneur” sounds perfect to you)?

With 20 years of experience in this field, I’ve something important to share!

🙏 Please read through and take this into serious consideration


Entrepreneurship is NOT for everyone.


It’s a tough game. It can be most rewarding and exhausting at the same time. It can be uplifting and devastating. It can make you and break you.

The price of it is ALWAYS high. Yet, for some people (like me) – the only path imaginable!

Even if hypothetically everything goes wonderfully all the time, you will have to invest money and time. Plus dedication, persistence, patience and so on.

But things never go smoothly all the time. I see people burning out. People acting against their instincts, under pressure, possessed by modern measurements for success. Some bitterly regretting that they even started. I meet families falling apart when sh*t hits the fans.

Trust me, I was there, right at that spot!

And it doesn’t have to be that way. So please keep reading.



I made my first money when I was 12. I connected the real need of my target audience, my skills, possibility to earn and to contribute at the same time. My Dad, already an entrepreneur in socialist society Yugoslavia was at that time, borrowed me some cash to start it, and I returned it quickly, as soon as I made the first profit. It felt amazing!!!

After my studies, I started working in the prestigious company, but the system turned out to be against my core values, so I broke away and became an entrepreneur at the age of 26.

It was in my blood.

I was the one to dream big and bigger, hustling, rushing, go-getting, raising the bar, hitting the targets, making precise projections… Sometimes forcing, exceeding my limits.

I was the one burning out, crushing down, falling apart… picking up the pieces, bouncing back… testing new ways over and over again!


Was I successful?


From the outside – yes!

Actually, very successful: a pioneer, role model, change maker, standard-raising figure, contributor… Self-taught, diligent, determined, persistent, focused… Well known for services we provided. Some people also admired the fact that I was a woman swimming in this crazy society I live in. Not bad, huh?


From the inside – no. It wasn’t a success.

I wasn’t free. I was CONSUMED.

I believed no one could do things better than I do. I was concerned about every little detail and sensitive to every person’s opinion.

As businesses were growing, I felt at one point I wasn’t growing along. I wasn’t expanding inside to be able to lead it further in a sustainable, not to mention fulfilling way. Coaching in Serbia didn’t exist and I didn’t know who to turn to for help. So I went on, chasing the targets, hoping for things to magically change in my favor.

I considered stepping out, breaking free. I was exhausted. But, it seemed impossible. It went too far… Too much invested. Too many people involved.

What brought me back to myself was a big bang 💥! A rock bottom. A total collapse!

It was heartbreaking, and even now, 5 years later, some memories bring tears to my eyes. But just for a minute! Because I became a better person and I know this crush was UTTERLY NECESSARY. Like a reset!

Necessary for me. Not for you!




If all that hardship had one single purpose, it would be this message to you:

Darling. Regardless of how old you are, where you live, what’s your current situation and what you’re up to, hear this: DO NOT make the same mistakes as I did!!


Always bear in mind:

Entrepreneurship is mostly an INTERNAL GAME.


Personal development unlocks potential for all people. And, for entrepreneurs it’s a critical element of success!

Mindset plays the crucial role and your mental map needs to be constantly expanded as you move along, and optimally BEFORE you take the next step forward.

So, before you jump into something “epic”, before you set your larger-than-life goals… and before someone persuades you that becoming a high achiever is a heroic path:


Let your success plan start with your own well-being!!!


YOU FIRST. (too bad I cannot underline it several times)

– Fall in love with taking good care of yourself.

– Nourish your mind, body, emotions and spirit every day.

– Be present, enjoy the NOW. Get aligned, connected, balanced, centered.

– Show yourself respect and compassion.

– Rediscover your Truth, your true Passions, unpolluted by expectations and pressure, internal and external.

– Celebrate your milestones.

– Feel, heal, accept, embrace yourself.


Become joyful and happy with who you ARE before investing in what you DO.


So hear me out! Take time.

Slow down to see things clearly, feel what is yours, refine and carve out what feels true, take the intentional action – and life will unfold at its best!!! Including your business.

And as one of my teachers said: “If you notice you’re forcing yourself where you don’t belong at this moment, accept that you are not ready.”


Accepting the current limitation can be what’s adding quality.


You Need You


When you start your business, make sure to be well prepared inside and out. Good inner state brings magic on the outside. It brings wiser perspective, as you preserve your stability and optimism.

One step at a time. Nice and flowly.


Yours, Zorana





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